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The main goal of the OneUP STO (Security Token Offering) is that with the participation of investors like you a total of 211.6 million OneUP Tokens will be distributed.
The current issue will have a total of 37.4 million OneUP Tokens to raise up to  5,000,000 euros.

Don’t miss this business opportunity, go with your gut and invest in OneUP.

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5MM máx

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In the world, there are 50 drowning deaths every hour

We have decided to do something

Salvavidas OneUP

What is OneUP?

OneUP is presented as the definitive solution to reduce drowning deaths in the world. Unlike a life ring, our self-inflating float is 7 times lighter and 20 times smaller.

Every hour, there are more than 40 deaths from drowning in the world and 80% of them happen in places without surveillance. Winning this battle to the aquatic environment is within your reach and weighs less than a soda can.

OneUP is a self-inflating portable life preserver that automatically activates when in contact with water. One of the main advantages it presents, compared to other rescue devices, is its small size.

This horseshoe-shaped device is the ultimate solution to reduce one of the leading causes of death in the world, drowning. In addition, it can be used by both children and adults up to 150 kilos. 

Lightweight and compact, both features allow it to be easily transported and its dimensions aren’t a problem. Its low weight makes it very easy to use, so much that it can be used from 30 meters away in an emergency situation. This fact favors that the rescuer can operate safely during the rescue maneuver.

Our life ring is 100% recyclable. In OneUP, we care about the environment and the extreme situations of the oceans, both environmentally and humanitarian. Initiatives like this one show the commitment of the people who is behind OneUP and the people who have decided to join us on this trip. Be an OneUPER.

This is the internal structure of our device:

  1. Pressurized bottle to 110 Newton that contains 24 gr of CO2. It works as a OneUP’s gas pump and inflates the device in less than 2 seconds.
  2. Valved designed to run the pressurized gas that is inside the ring. It keeps the gas inside the bottle, so the float stays inflated for weeks.
  3. Main body composed by a central axis which collects all the OneUP’s components as a single mechanism.
  4. Sensor which has a capsule inside that dissolves when in contact with water. This chain reaction starts the float deployment.
  5. Scratch and weather resistant fabric.

Startup blockchain

OneUP stands for innovation and its commitment to the blockchain is an example of this. Immersed in this revolutionary system that allows us to scalate our project and achieve our goals more quickly and efficiently, we manage to make OneUP an unprecedented business opportunity. If you are going to enter into the universe of investments, bet on a winning STO (Security Token Offering).


This crowdfunding 3.0, made up of thousands of people around the world, configures our citizen rescue network. In it, the investors are a key piece in the financing of the project. Therefore, they will get benefits from the sales of the portable life preserver. Opportunities like this one don’t last forever. Are you an investor? We are looking for you.

OneUP sales

The success of international marketing, obtaining several patents and the main initiatives that have been launched have positioned OneUP on the world map. 

Our device can cover a need that, until now, couldn’t be solved, which is why we are increasingly present in more parts of the world.

Token distribution

We have developed and additional plan of benefits for the OneUP Tokens owners. 

The benefits are obtained from the total of OneUP units sold worldwide, receiving five euros for each sold unit and dividing by the total of OneUP Tokens distributed.

The token reading will be done in all the wallets used by OneUP on 31/12 at 23:59 GMT.


The fast dissemination of the project worldwide is the key of our success. Thanks to the blockchain (transparent, immutable and scalable system) we manage to trace the entire process of creating our life preservers until their delivery to the users.

This information not only improves the transparency of the company but also allows us to know, in real time, the return and the situation of the project. In our panel, you can manage your OneUP Tokens and buy new participation packages.

Get out of your comfort zone and be proud for leading a project like this one, invest in the STO (Security Token Offering) of the moment.

Go with your gut,
invest in OneUP

It’s now or never

Resource allocation

In order to allocate the resources that are generated, always keeping in mind the humanitarian component of the project and the main goal of OneUP, the following assignments have been established

OneUP units distribution

Token distribution

Support to the OneUP project


Step by step our project has progressed to become a STO (Security Token Offering)



Presale STO OneUP

Beginning of the blockchain project



Whitepaper OneUP en Español

Dossier publication and website launching

April 12


Ronda privada

Private round



Ronda abierta

Public round


Dec 16


Fecha de lanzamiento OneUP




We continue on the road

Our team

Our crew is made up by true sea lovers who enjoy and feel the saltpetre through their veins. Behind this adventure, there is a team that work every day to bring OneUP to all the corners of the world. Do you want to know more about them?

Mastermind and OneUP creator

Saúl de León

CEO & Cofounder

Entrepreneur, lawyer specialized in International Trade and Marketing, Toy Stand CEO and founder

Luis Borges

General Manager & Cofounder

Architect, BIM Manager, blockchain projects developer

Carlos Díaz

Blockchain Project Director

Engineer specialized in Organization and Corporate Communication. Volcan Studio co-founder

María Delgado

Communication Manager

“Roca & Duarte Asesores” Manager and “Núcleo” CEO

Aday Hernández

Tax Consultant

Investment advisor in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin HASH 365 CEO

Florencio Estepa

Investment manager in cryptocurrencies

Branding and communication specialist.

Oscar Socorro

Graphic and Web Designer

Lawyer, “Roca & Duarte Asesores” charter member and “Núcleo” CEO

Fran Duarte

Legal Adviser

Translator specialized in audiovisual translation Spanish-English, German and Korean.

Bélgica García

Translation and communication

What’s going on in OneUP?

Crew on board! Don’t be the last one to know about the events in which we will be present and don’t miss the latest news of the project. Immerse yourself in this business adventure.

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Latest news

OneUP takes part in the latest edition of the Miami Boat Show

February 2020.
With our official distributor in Spain, Náutica el Pris, we headed to the US. Being at one of the most recognized nautical events in the East Coast is a dream. With our suitcases full of OneUPs and with the latest news of the company, we arrived to Miami.During those days, we had the opportunity to show the product to the US market; demostrate how our portable life preserver is used and have several meetings with rescue organizations.


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