About Us

The story between OneUP and Hash 365 arose by chance, but it was a love at first sight. After several months of crowdfunding, Saúl de León, OneUP CEO, and the General Manager of OneUP, Luis Borges, attended and event that was celebrated in the coworking space Núcleo, the centra office of Hash 365, in order to boost the financing of the project.

After analyzing the product and its characteristics, the Hash 365 team saw the potential of OneUP and how the blockchain technology could benefit the project not only in terms of transparency but also in obtaining funds. In this way, OneUP was integrated and adapted to the structure that usually follow the technical processes that apply the blockchain system.

During all this time, the team has been analyzing the legislative framework that regulates the STO (Security Token Offering) and, like a puzzle, the framework that supports it has been assembled. OneUP Blockchain is made up by a team of multidisciplinary professionals who work to get the most out of the product and achieve the highest collection for the project,

With OneUP, not only do you win, we all win.

Visit our head office

Nucleo workspace photography

You can visit us and get to know, at first hand, the project in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
At our offices in C/ Alcalde Ramírez Bethencourt, 13.