OneUP was born from the personal concern of Saúl de León, OneUP’s CEO and Cofounder, after knowing the reality that the Red Cross volunteers were facing in the Mediterranean Sea.

The idea of creating and ultra-compact life preserver that could be activated when in contact with water was born in 2015. Since then, we have been working with specialized rescue organizations around the world.

Our team consist of true sea lovers who enjoy and feel the saltpeter through their veins. So, we are in charge of spreading the importance of the aquatic safety. In this way, prevention plays an important role

One of our biggest dreams, and that we share with each of the participants of our project, is to create a safer aquatic environment. Therefore, our main goal is to create the biggest aquatic rescue network of citizens.

Betting on the latest technology makes the difference and we have decided to join this initiative. Therefore, one of the peculiarities of this project is that it has been developed with the blockchain technology, which allows to guarantee the viability of entrepreneurships such as this one.

Its immutable and transparent nature make the blockchain a safe and reliable system. The possibility to trace and geolocate each of the manufactured units gives us those seconds that can be crucial in an emergency situation. Technology in its purest form

Be part of our aquatic rescue network and help us to beat the statistics. Be a rescuer.

We are part of the solution, and you