If you have always wanted to contribute in a humanitarian cause but have never taken the first step, this is your project. Participate actively in the creation of an aquatic rescue network and help us to make all the corners of the world safe. The possibility of contributing is within your reach. Shall we start?

More and more countries have our device and are joining the list of safe territories with OneUP.

Discover in this map if your country is one of them.

What is the ambassador program?

Our ambassadors’ program is an organization of volunteers who actively spread and create networks with the aim of taking OneUP to any part of the world.

Be an agent of change

Help to fight one of the main causes
of accidental death.

Be part of the OneUP community

You will be part of a team
in constant growth and training.

Become a pioneer

Be part of the digital revolution,
learn with us and be part of the blockchain.

Receive rewards

The reward system of our platform
will reward your initiative through tokens and incentives.

Receive the latest news before anyone else

Be the first one to access to the latest information
on technology and progress of the initiative.


Do you want to be part of this humanitarian project and that your dissemination bring you benefits? Don’t overthink about it anymore, this is what you were looking for. In OneUP, we are faithful defenders of the heroes who doesn’t wear a cape. Are you one of them?

Thanks for contacting us!

In less than 48 hours,
an OneUPER will answer you.