Corporate Social Responsibility

OneUP is firmly committed to promote a global social responsibility that is related with the environment. Promoting actions that have a positive impact on the society or the environment are things that determine the most human nature of companies

Our main goal is to create a global aquatic rescue network that reaches all the corners of the globe. In this way, OneUP want to contribute in the best possible way to the development and welfare of the society.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond investing money in a business idea, betting on a project that you are passionate about while giving back to the people everything they provide to the companies, is the least we can do.

Initiatives like OneUP not only show the commitment of the people who are behind this project, but also reach out to future companies that want to actively support humanitarian causes. Reducing the 1,200 drownings deaths per day in the world is possible with our device.

Regardless of the incorporation time into the project, the participant will be rewarded depending on the scale of the participation. Buying OneUP Tokens, the participants will contribute to reduce drowning deaths at the same time they enjoy part of the benefits obtained from the global sale of the product. Getting benefits while you contribute to save lives is possible.

The advantages of supporting a project like OneUP are not only “simple tax savings”. The satisfaction of the participants who see how part of the company’s money is invested in a humanitarian project, which is indirect loyalty; the brand’s reputation; the community member’s positioning and the established relationships are some of the reasons that make this project so attractive.

If we consider that 60% of the world’s population lives near the sea, the forecasts of the product’s expansion are extraordinary.