Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find answers to most of the questions that users usually ask us about the OneUP project

OneUP is a 6.8 inches portable life-preserver that is activated when in contact with water in less than 2 seconds. Therefore, it doesn’t need any manual trigger. This life ring with the shape of a horseshoe is able to prevent one of the main causes of death in the world, drowning. This life-preserver can be used by children and adults weight up to 150 kilos.

It is. To reuse OneUP once it’s activated, you must purchase the rearming kit first, which includes a C02 cylinder and a salt pod.

You can purchase physic units of OneUP in our online store


Our project appears from a problem that’s not solved.

Currently, there are different drowning prevention measures in the market, but any is presented as the final solution.

Our main goal is to create the largest citizen aquatic rescue network and reach every corner of the world in a faster and more efficiently possible way.

To reach every corner of the globe we opted for the blockchain platform which guarantees the viability of entrepreneurial initiatives like this due to its technological and utilitarian features.  

There are different ways to participate in our project:

  • Become a OneUP ambassador, participate actively spreading and creating networks to take OneUP to every part of the world. Keep yourself up to date and receive rewards.
  • Take part purchasing OneUP Tokens. With them you’ll receive a number of benefits.

To know more go to https://www.oneupsaves.io/en/#Tokens

Blockchain is a system that provides merely digital property to people in the online space without needing any intermediary, nor central authority to control the users. A big ledger links and encodes the data in order to protect the security and safety of the transactions. This system registers all the operations conducted in a database and certifies that they can’t be copied or forged.

Thanks to blockchain, OneUP reaches a greater scalability in its market, arriving to any part of the world in a faster and more transparent way.

Our blockchain project starts on November and ends on December 16th

A token is a unit of value within the blockchain ecosystem, these can be changed, besides, it relies on a number of benefits.

A OneUP Token is a unit of value used in the project and its acquisition gives the right to enjoy some advantages:

1- Receive a OneUP unit for every 2,000 acquired Tokens in public rounds.

2- Obtain profits for the OneUP sales performance. Each OneUP token on date 12/31 at 23:59 GMT each year, will receive a benefit at a rate of € 5 per sold unit out of the total number of distributed Tokens.To know more go to https://www.oneupsaves.io/en/tokens_en/

Each OneUP Token has a price of € 0.25.

There are different payment methods to participate in our project such as bank transfer, credit card, PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

Our project accepts the following cryptocurrencies: Dash, NEO, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin, Ethereum (ETH).

To be part of our project participants must contribute with a minimum of € 50.

There are different ways that let you get OneUP Tokens:

  • Through the bounty programme
  • Through the Token sales dashboard
  • Thanks to your subscription in the airdrop

There are, the minimum assistance to participate in the OneUP project is € 50. On the other hand, you can only purchase Tokens from the existing closed packages on the website. These packages meet a price between € 50 and € 5,000. Only European countries can participate in the OneUP project.

Any wallet that works with NEO. If you’re new in this, we recommend you to use Neon Wallet and O3

If you have introduced a wrong wallet address, contact our support team. Send us an email to support@oneupsaves.com

Once the participant’s involvement period has been closed in the different rounds, if we do not reach the estimated goal, any surplus of OneUP Tokens will be forcibly destroyed.

Our OneUP Tokens aren’t mineable.

You can, OneUP Tokens are exportable in any exchange house in which it is available

It depends on the query, OneUP has two customer service systems:

To ask about the product OneUP life-preserver, please contact: support@oneupsaves.com 

To ask about participation, blockchain and OneUP Tokens, please contact: info@oneupsaves.io