What is a OneUP Token?

The OneUP Token is the unit of value used in the project and is based on the NEP-5 standard of the NEO blockchain. You can get OneUP Tokens at a starting price of €0.25, to which you can add its corresponding bonuses depending on the packs of tokens you have chosen. You can get up to a 100%.

The aim of the project is that, with the participation of all the investors, a total of 211,600,000 OneUP Tokens will be distributed. The current issue will have a total of 37.4 million OneUP Tokens to raise up to 5 million euros.

The interests will be distributed in the NEO cryptocurrency, also referenced in euros. OneUP will provide facilities to its investors, so they can collect their interests in legal tender currency or to convert the NEO cryptocurrency into legal tender currency. These tokens will be read in all the wallets that OneUP support on 31/12 at 11:59 p.m. GMT.

In OneUP, we have developed a plan of benefits and additional advantages for those who invest in this unique business opportunity. The benefits are obtained from the total OneUP units that are sold worldwide, receiving five euros for each unit purchased and dividing by the total of OneUP Tokens that have been distributed. 

The main goal of the project is that, with the participation of all the investors through 211,600,000 OneUP Tokens, a maximum total of  five million euros (€5,000,000) will be obtained in successive issues. That amount will be achieved by participating at the maximum price of €0.25 for each OneUP Token.

How can you get tokens?

There are several ways to invest in this STO (Security Token Offering):

  • Get in contact with our team and invest in the private round. Find out about the bonuses you will get for participating and lead a winning project.
  • Participate in the public round through our investment platform, choose the pack of tokens that you like the most and get the corresponding bonuses. These packs of tokens are at a price between 50 euros and 5,000 euros. Thanks to this technological support, you can invest with only one click.

OneUP token’s

Get benefits from the OneUP sales worldwide!

OneUP will distribute annually among its investors a total dividend of €5 per OneUP sold unit with a maximum 5% dividend during the life of the product, through any sales channel and anywhere in the world. Each OneUP Token as of 12/31 at 23:59 GMT of each year will receive a benefit at a rate of €5 per sold unit among the total number of distributed tokens.

Get OneUP physical units!

For every 2,000 OneUP Tokens, receive a OneUP life preserver at your home address and become the rescuer of your area.

Get additional bonuses!

Don’t miss the extra bonuses that you can get if you invest in OneUP.

Why NEO?

NEO is a platform based on the blockchain technology to digitize assets , the use of smart contracts for digital assets to be self-managed and to achieve a smart economy with a distributed network.

With features such as high performance and expandability, it is the ideal platform to promote our own OneUP Tokens, which are based on the NEP-5 standard of the NEO blockchain.

Investment Platform

This revolutionary system is what you were waiting for. Purchasing the packs of tokens and benefit from the bonuses they contain is much easier thanks to this platform. Investing is just within a click.

Keep up to date with the latest details of the project and watch how your investment grow like foam. Benefit from the sales of our device around the world. A hero isn’t born, is made.

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