What is a token?


A OneUP Token is a unit of value used in the project and its acquisition gives the right to enjoy some advantages:

1- Receive a OneUP unit for every 2,000 acquired tokens in public rounds.

2-Receive profits for the OneUP sales performance.


We’ve developed a plan of additional benefits from the sales that we make all over the world. The distribution of these economic rights will be every December 31, when we’ll corroborate the total of units of the product that have been sold and the amount that should be distributed as profits for each OneUP Token to its owners. The payment will be made to each participant within the maximum period of 10 working days after, this payment will be made in cryptocurrencies, preferably NEO, and each participant must give us his e-wallet direction.

The total of OneUP Tokens through which the participations will be articulated, will be 211,600,000 (211M) units maximum. Our goal is, with all these tokens, to get a maximum total of 5,000,000 (5M) euros. You can get these tokens, in the 6 different rounds at a price of 0,25 cents each token.

How can you get tokens?


You can participate in the private round talking directly with our team.

You still have time to catch our AirDrop. Sign up! We’ll distribute 6 million of OneUP Tokens between 30.000 accounts,  you get 200 OneUP Tokens, equivalent to 50 euros. In addition, only the people registered in our AirDrop or in our newsletter will be able to participate in our public pre-sale round starting the 5th of August.

Get you AirDrop!

If you want to participate in our public round, you will only have to choose the package that suits you better. Our packages fit at a price between €50 and €5,000 with their relevant bonuses.

In the public round, the tokens can be purchased in our website paying by bank transfer, credit card, accepted cryptocurrencies or in person at our head office.

OneUP follows several goals, which, independent of the date of the incorporation into the project, it rewards the participation in it, depending on its scale.

Do you want to know more?

Get in contact with us.

You can get your OneUP Tokens soon